Get to know the area on bicycles


Get to know Polis Chrysochous Area with bicycle


The Polis area is very suitable for cycling. Mountain bikes of all sizes are available, as are children' s bycycles, travel bikes with higher handles, wider and more comfortable seats, and room for luggage at the back. Prices to rent are very cheep.

Polis-Baths of Aphrodite-Polis

A tarmac coated road of about 18Km, total uphill route, about 100m.

Polis - Androlikou - Neo Chorio - Latchi - Polis

Between Agia Aikaterini and Choli it is necessary of follow the Pafos - Polis highway for a short distance. From Goudi to Polis, the old Pafos - Polis road can be used. the road is mostly tarmac-coated, but there are some dirt tracks. Distance, about 22Km, uphill about 400m.

Polis - Argaka, Argaka Dam - Argaka Forest - Agios Merkourios - Argaka - Polis

About half way to Pano Argaka (at Primary School) do not turn left but carry straight ahead. follow the road as it ascenda the mountain. At Agios Mercurios pic nic site , turn left unless you want to stop here for a while.vthe road is tarmac coated with some forest road. 33K; Uphill about 500m.

Polis - Gialia - Ruins of medieval monastery - Gialia - Polis

About 11,5Km down the coastal road ( Gialia sign) turn right and keep to the right, taking the forest road with the village to your left. When you come to the "No Entry" sign, keep on the forest road for 500m. Until you arrive at the ruined monastery. Return on the same road. Tramac road and forest road. About 35Km, uphill about 300m.

source: C.T.O (Cyprus Tourist Organisation)

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