Thanks to its year-round sunshine, blue skies and warm waters, Cyprus enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the world’s top sun, sea and sand holiday destinations.

But this delightful island has much more to offer.

Away from the tourist areas, the Cyprus countryside has a diverse wealth all of its own, including traditional villages, vineyards and wineries, tiny fresco-painted churches, remote monasteries and cool shady forests.

This is a nature-lovers paradise, where you can walk for hours without seeing another living soul. In springtime, fields of flowers stretch as far as the eye can see, and a ramble along a mountain path will suddenly reveal a tiny Byzantine chapel or a Venetian-built bridge that once formed part of an ancient trade route.
Around every corner is another surprise; a magnificent view;a rare sighting of the Cyprus moufflon; or a chance encounter with someone who will surprise you with their knowledge of your language and an invitation to join the family for a coffee.

In the villages, traditional values remain, while the true character of the Cypriot people shines through wherever
you go - warm-hearted, friendly, family-orientated, and unbelievably hospitable.