Pafos, Mesogi, Tsada, Stroumpi, Kathikas, (Akourdaleia), Pano Arodes, Kato Arodes, Ineia, Drouseia, Polis Chrysochous or Pegeia, Pafos
Laona - Akamas wine routes

This route follows age-long pathways in north-western Cyprus. It off ers uniquely interesting vistas, not merely associated with vines and wines. Lovers of food and wine will have the opportunity to visit fi ve wineries and to try some interesting wines, which they will find complement our Cyprus food. The bonus, however, is the remarkable panorama of scenery and the cultural and geological interest before us. There is very little else like it on the island.

Generally speaking we shall travel along secondary roads, on the E701 and E709. The road ascends steadily, passing from cultivated fields to taller vegetation and the picturesque loveliness of the patch-work of the vineyards. One fascinating vista follows another as we drive upwards through  delightful valleys to the forest areas. And then, unexpectedly, we come to tiny villages which dot the landscape -the area is sparsely populated and this  contributes to a lovely rustic, rural atmosphere…

Nature’s crowning glory of this vines and wines region is the Akamas Peninsula. Away from building development -the unspoilt area of Cyprus, with flora and fauna rooted in the mists of time. In the set of the land, its close association with the sea, in its vegetation and wild life, Akamas is a wondrous  place. The traveller, perhaps replete from Cyprus hospitality with its ever-ready supplies of food and drink, can enter here another world, a perfect antidote to the pleasures of the table.

Laona - Akamas wine route map