Polis Events

Visitors wishing to acquaint themselves with the customs and traditions of the area, are able to participate in various events throughout the year, and the most important are:

6th January

The feast of Epiphany at Latsi. The majestic celebrations take place in the late morning and symbolise the baptism of Christ in the Jordan river.

Carnival Celebrations

The Carnival King accompanies the children as they parade in fancy dress. Traditional singers are singing carnival songs in the square. Free wine is offered to all.

Green Monday

The first day of Lent is celebrated on the Minicipal beach with a vegetarian picnic, kite flying and traditional dances.

Greek Easter at Polis

On the evening of Good Friday the Epitaph is ceremoniously carried arround the town; at midnight on Easter Saturday, during Easter Mass, the traditional bonfire is lit where Judas is sumbolically burned. On Easter Sunday afternoon, traditional Easter games are held in nearby Neo Chorio.


A flower festival on the paved streets with exhibitions, flower markets and music. These celebrations, with their roots in antiquity symbolise the rebirth of man and nature.

Kataklysmos, The Feast of the Holy Spirit at Latsi

This is celebrated 50 days after Greek Orthodox Easter with sea games and traditional dances.

Traditional Fair

A religious fair outside Apostolos Andreas church with loukoumades (beignets) and traditional dances in mid-July.

Music under the stars

Summer events on the paved street and Agios Nikolaos square in cooperation with C.T.O .


Father Christmas visits the square with carols and wishes.

source: C.T.O (Cyprus Tourist Organisation)