Goudi Village - Polis Area - Paphos - Cyprus
Goudi Village Polis Chrysochous Area

Goudi is situated in the valley of Chrysochous. It is said that the name of the village in the past, was Voudi or Vuti. While touring in the village you will meet old buildings, such as the old Elementary school, the church, the bust-monument of the hero Georgios Hadjiyannis, traditional and modern houses, traditional coffee shops and an olive-oil press. But lets get to know the village better through a short tour.

The river Tzerepis, divides the village and it constitutes the frontier between the modern and the traditional community. A stone-made bridge is the point where the two sides of the village meet.
The traditional side is full of stone-made houses, and narrow paths, contrarily to the sec-mod side where the houses are built with modern building materials, wide roads and pavements. Walking through the traditional neighborhood to the modern one, you will feel like traveling in time, traveling from antiquity to modern times.

Generally, the houses are studded in the village. Its center is situated on the west hills of the valley of Chrysochous, while the rest of the village lies in the valley and on the east hills. The stray houses, which are built on the hills, look out on the sea. The view from this point is amazing.

In the village there are apparent marks of the past. For example two traditional coffee shops, where men spend their leisure time, survive till our times.

Furthermore, the habitants produced olive oil for centuries and one of the two traditional oil-presses of the village still works. Despite the limited production, what is remarkable is that it is still open, even for the few people who want to use it.

The tour in the village, leads to the picturesque building of the Elementary school, which stands melancholic showing that time has stopped some decades ago. According to the mayor, the Elementary school opened for the first time in 1930. Despite the difficulties that the school had to deal with, it remained open for half a century. And to be more specific, it was open until the end of 1979. Nowadays, the children of the village need to go to the Elementary school of Polis Chrysochous as the village has no longer one of its own. It is remarkable that in the past, the children of the area took the basic knowledge, long before the foundation of the school. It is said that the habitants of Goudi learned how to read before the English occupation, in the late 19th century.

The center of the village is decorated with an old church, which stands still for centuries. The ecclesiastic building is dedicated to Saint George and it was restored and enlarged in 1927. For more information, you can visit the relevant page. In the back yard of the church you can see the bust-monument of a hero who was born in the village, Georgios Hadjiyiannis.

Georgios Hadjiyiannis was an important hero of the village. He was born on 9 November 1946. He has shown a special interest for literature and sports and he was a distinguished athlete of the area. He studied in the high school of Polis Chrysochous and he wanted to continue his studies in a medical school, so that he could help other people.

Unfortunately, reality has been cruel on him since his childhood. His father, Spyros Hadjiyiannis, who was a member of EOKA, (National Organization of Cypriot Fighters who fought against the English troops) was arrested and taken to a prison camp. George has then said to his mother: “if I was older, I would join EOKA, send the English troops away and free my father”. His mental strength was obvious from an early age. When he was ten years old, he was forced by English soldiers to run nonstop along the road of the village. Despite his young age he did not lose his courage.

Some years later, on 10 August 1964, when he was a soldier in a guardhouse in Polis Chrysochous, he was deadly shot from a Turk soldier. The village honors his memory as a bust monument was built and also by giving his name to a road in the village.

Without any doubt, Goudi is one of the most beautiful villages in Cyprus . To sum up in a few words, the village will impress you with its original figuration, the picturesque bridge where the two sides of the village meet, the ancient church with the bust-monument, the old Elementary school, the oil-press and the coffee-shops. Without dispute, touring in the village will allow you to discover many aspects of the habitants’ way of life and also of its historic route.


Source: www.goudi.org